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Our handcrafted boules are prepared using Shepard's Grain Flour, from small family farms in eastern Washington, naturally leavened starter, fresh water and sea salt. Each day we lovingly craft our loaves using hearth baking to create our signature crunchy crusted loaves with a tender creamy interior.  Our loaves are perfect for sandwiches, toast or simply served with oil olive, herbs, and balsamic vinegar.

Spring schedule



Bear Bread [gf]


Country Hearth • Multigrain

Bear Bread [gf]



Country Hearth • Mission Fig Apricot • Bear Bread [gf]



Country Hearth

Bear Bread [gf]


We bake in small batches.  Please call us 48 hours in advance for special orders.

29 North Beach & Main Street #2051

Eastsound, WA 98245

Tel 888-62-BEARS 360.855.7456

Open Thu - Mon 8a-4p

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